Sunday, March 20, 2011

wine tasting class

TUESDAY, April 5th

5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Robert Livermore Community Center
4444 East Avenue, Livermore

Sensory Evaluation of Wine - Part 2

Wine Styles, Defects in wine, Threshold tasting

George Vierra

Vintner/Wine Industry Educator
$25 per session
This event is reserved for winemakers, winery owners and growers with the event
opening to the public the week of March 22nd as space is available.
Space is LIMITED - Reservations are required
Wine style.
This tasting will take place after I discuss wine style.
I will pour five wines. You will taste and score the wines. I will then give you five pieces of sausage (chicken). You will retaste the five wines with the sausage and rescore the wines. Wines are…
2008 Domaine Monte de Luz Carquera Tannat Uruguay @$12 
2004 Concannon Vineyards Heritage Petite Sirah @$50
2008 Caymus Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon @$70
2003 Château Bouscassé  Madiran France @$26
2008 Baroncini Cavalcante Sangiovese di Toscana IGT @$10
Defects in wine.
Common wine defects will be discussed and then samples will be provided for sniffing.
Wine Defect Kit and wine samples.
C) Control
1) Cork Taint
2) Brettanomyces 1
3) Oxidation
4) VA – Acetic Acid
5) VA – Ethyl Acetate
6) Lactic Taint (Buttery)
7) Methoxypyrazine
8) Brettanomyces 2
9) Microbial
10) Hydrogen Sulfide
Threshold tasting exercise.
A Perception Threshold sheet will be given to each student. Five white wines will be poured. The first wine will be dry. Each succeeding wine will have increases in residual sugar. The students will be asked when they perceive sweetness.
Reminder of how to taste.
This walks through what has been learned in the first and second class.

Chouinard Vineyards and Winery Monterey
Chenin Blanc @ $15

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